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Tour of primary schools

In recent years Seasun has grown rapidly. We have a company that we are proud of! We would like to show this; who are we, what do we do and what do we have to offer. For that reason primary schools are very welcome to come and take a look in the greenhouses with a class / group of students from groups 1-8.

During the visit we tell people who Seasun is and what we do in an interactive way, we taste tomatoes, we walk through the greenhouses and we make a nice assignment. This visit is completely free of charge.

More information or plan a visit

Wegens Corona worden momenteel geen rondleidingen gegeven.

In these months we would like to show you around in the greenhouses of Seasun:

  • May

  • June

  • September

  • October

Note: The number of tours that we can plan in these months are quickly full. Therefore please indicate the reservation in advance using the form below.

Rondleiding aanvraag
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